At present, you may download a copy of the "What Is Cursillo?" and the forms for the next Cursillo Weekend as a Word document. Some of the leaflets are double-sided and you can now download both sides with one click and save on your PC or Mac.  You can then easily print the leaflets for distribution.   

The leaflets are designed to be folded into three to allow them to be more easily carried or inserted into an envelope. 

Please have patience as you download, it can take some time!

The leaflet 'Questions and answers for the Clergy' is in PDF format and you may need to download Adobe free from the internet to print them.

Any problems, email us on and we can email documents in whatever format you would like. 

What is Cursillo?

More Cursillo Information

The Cursillo weekend

Questions and Answers for the Clergy.pdf

Sponsorship forms for Peterborough #14 in 2020 will be available soon:

"Thinking of sponsoring a pilgrim for a Cursillo weekend"

"Form to be completed by the Sponsor". 
"Form to be completed by the Pilgrim". 

"Form for Bank transfer payment"