Giving And The Weekends

Peterborough Anglican Cursillo® is a registered Charity and does not receive any external funding.

One of the ambitions we have as Peterborough Cursillo is to be able to make the weekends happen without charging the pilgrims.  At the moment we are only able to sponsor each pilgrim by 60%.  It costs about £250 per person for the weekend so that means it is £1000 for every four pilgrims.  It would be wonderful to think that we could fund all our pilgrims for Peterborough #14 in 2020. 

YOU can help make this possible!

Simply by setting up a regular gift to Peterborough Anglican Cursillo® using the form which can be downloaded from the link below, giving whatever you can afford and sending to the Treasurer, you can help to make this happen.

Please give this your prayerful consideration.

Donation Form