Why have a Personal Rule of Life?

  • To give you something to aim at and measure yourself against
  • To help you achieve a balanced Christian life of piety, study and apostolic action
  • To help you be realistic about what you can and should be doing as a disciple of Christ
  • To help you be specific about living out your Christian discipleship
  • To help you avoid complacency and to grow in Christian life in grace.

What are the Ingredients of a Rule of Life? 

  • A series of realistic, but challenging, specific commitments, freely entered into after proper consideration
  • At least one specific commitment under each of the headings Piety, Study and Apostolic Action Something which reflects your need to attend to your own health and well-being, and to nourishing your close relationships
  • Each commitment should be as specific as possible: e.g.
    • Morning Prayer being twenty minutes every day before leaving for work" rather than just 'Morning Prayer' 
    • An Annual Retreat rather than a 'Retreat'
    • Use Daily Light Bible reading notes each day rather than`Bible reading".

How do I use the "My Rule of Life" Card?

  • To give you ideas of the kinds of things you might want to include in the various categories 
  • Make a brief note of your commitments by writing in the spaces provided for each section
  • Write your name and the date you filled in the card as a reminder that this is your personal Rule of Life entered into at a particular point in your life
  • Obtain a new card when you feel it is time to change your Rule of Life in a significant way.

How do I begin to develop a Rule of Life?

  • Look through the "MY RULE OF LIFE" card to see the kind of commitments suggested
  • Consider what you are already doing, and reflect thoughtfully and prayerfully on whether you should consider: adding some further commitments, or whether you should cut back in some area
  • As you develop a set of specific commitments, consider whether they are realistic and appropriate for you and: whether they are challenging you to further growth
  • Consult others, such as Christian friends, your Parish Priest or Spiritual Director
  • Decide on a set of specific commitments to begin with, and fill in the card as indicated above.

How do I use my Rule of Life?

  • Ask God to help you in keeping the Rule of Life you have entered into
  • Look through your Rule of Life regularly, as a way of reminding yourself of your commitments and helping you to assess how far you are living Christian life in grace
  • Include your failure to keep some part of your Rule of Life in your prayers of penitence to God.

How do I continue to develop my Rule of Life?

  • From time to time, perhaps once a year, you should reflect with your Spiritual Director on how far your Rule of Life is still appropriate to your way of life and stage of Christian discipleship
  • Make a fresh commitment and fill in and date a new 'MY RULE OF LIFE' card if appropriate'

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